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Custom Hand Painted Cork Hat
Custom Hand Painted Cork Hat
Custom Hand Painted Cork Hat

Custom Hand Painted Cork Hat

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Please send me via email or attached to your order what it is you're hoping to get on your hat, along with a phone number that I can reach you at should there be any questions. This can include photo's, color preferences, designs of mine that you are keen on etc.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Bring this hat wherever your adventures take you, and trust that it can handle the elements! If you experience more wear and tear than expected (compared to non hand-painted hats) please contact me directly, and I will reimburse your purchase, or make you another hat. Your choice!

NOTE: Each design is a true piece of art. Therefore all of the hats I create will be within my general style of artwork... mountains, trees, landscapes etc. (I do not paint logos, names, buildings, pet portraits etc. on hats).